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Our two family-run boarding houses (the Girls´ House and the Boys´ House) offer individual support for all of our boarders. The girls and boys (We have currently got 40 boarders) are cared for by the Holzberg family and our educationally trained staff in a pleasant atmosphere that encourages study and personal progress.

Our girls and boys lodge in comfortable and lovingly furnished single or double rooms. Situated idyllically at the Neckar with a view of Heidelberg Castle our school and boarding houses are embedded in a large garden that runs up to Philosophenweg, the famous Philosophers´ Walk. And the city of Heidelberg that offers many various attractions to the students is just across the Alte Brücke, the Old Bridge, that has spanned the Neckar since 1788.


The Girls´ House is in a listed building with its historic interior intact. The unique, individually and comfortably furnished single and double rooms along with their own ‘girls´ kitchen’ help the girls feel at home and overcome any tinge of homesickness.

A wonderful garden invites the girls to relax outside: Be it yoga, meditation or just a little walk with a friend – there is always room for a little chat in a natural surrounding. And for those who like it ‘exotic’, there is our kitchen garden which boasts of all sorts of native spices, a little pond and many fountains (fed with water from our own natural springs!) and lots of sculptures.


The Boys´ House is also a listed neo-classical building. The school´s library, a pool room, tabletop football and a well-equipped fitness room ensure that the boys never feel bored. Special occasions take place in the Rote Salon, the Red Parlour. And peace and quiet can be found in one´s own rooms.


In addition to a home away from home boarding means a clearly structured daily routine. After the school hours there are additional hours for study supervised by our tutors. And our free-time activities cater for all tastes: rowing, rugby, tennis, roller skating, indoor climbing, football, swimming, dancing, basketball, in- and outdoor skating, go-cart, pool and tabletop football tournaments, pedal or motor boat trips, or simply relaxing on the Neckar meadows – everybody will find something to enjoy.

And boarders who are interested in arts and culture will find enough to do: There is an Arts workshop, a Spray Can/Grafiffi workshop, a Music workshop, a Choir as well as many excursions to museums and exhibitions. And the culinary sector is not neglected either: The girls´ kitchen is big enough for cooking, baking and broiling.

Our own cook and his team provide the students full board with a special focus on regional cuisine.

Boarders go home for the weekend on Friday. They return on Sunday at 6 pm or later. The boarding houses are closed during the holidays and on weekends. That is the time that students spend with their families. Students are informed about holiday times before the start of the school year.