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Boarding - Fees


Admission fee (one-time fee): €400

Deposit on entry: €400

Boardingsemi-annual fee6 monthly instalments
year 5 7.080 € 1.180 €
year 6 7.080 € 1.180 €
year 7 7.080 € 1.180 €
year 8 7.080 € 1.180 €
year 9 7.080 € 1.180 €
year 10 7.200 € 1.200 €
year 11 7.200 € 1.200 €
year 12 7.200 € 1.200 €

Boarding fees comprise school fees. If a student starts at Heidelberg College during the school year fees will be imposed from beginning of the respective month.

The school additionally issues an invoice for any personal expenses of the students at the end of every half year (January, 31st and July, 31st).

Holidays and weekends cannot be spent at the boarding house. Departure for the weekend is on Friday at 5 pm at the latest, arrival on Sunday at 6 am at the earliest. Before long weekends or holidays the regulations apply accordingly.

The school year officially starts on August, 1st, regardless of the fact that lessons do not start before the end of the summer holidays in September. The contract for year 12 ends on July, 31st as well, even if the oral Abitur exam has been passed before that day.

The school office will always be glad to provide you with the latest information. Please arrange an appointment with the Head of School for any further individual counselling.

The Head of School and all the staff are sincerely looking forward to welcoming you.