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Social commitment in an Old People´s Home

School is a place to transmit knowledge and methodical skills, but of course it is more than that: it is a place for interaction and social experiences.

Some time ago parents and teachers suggested a stronger commitment of our students in the social department. Consequently the teachers´ conference decided to install a voluntary social internship in an old people´s home for year 10. Students of Heidelberg College are now given the possibility to get involved in the social fields outside their ordinary curriculum.

The students are free to choose between an old people´s home in either Heidelberg or their own home town. The Heidelberg based Pflegeheimat St. Hedwig www.pflegeheimat.de in Neuenheim offers internships for 15 students. There the students have a chance to make their own experiences in a field that our society tends to taboo totally or - if at all - treat in a purely theoretical way.

sthedwigThe students can share the daily routine of the institution and help shape it positively by their own commitment. This experience is a challenge that will enrich them and may lead to a longer lasting social dedication for some of them. Many of the acquired competences as well as the experiences made will be valuable for the students later in a wide range of professional careers.

Students who participated in the internment programme will get a certificate that can be of great use when they apply for an FSJ, a Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (Voluntary Social Year) after their Abitur.

Helping Streetkids in Romania (HC Romania Project)

When Edeltraut Didicher-Bischof was in Romania in 2003 she met three Benedictine nuns, who have made it their quest to give at least a few of Romania´s homeless children a chance in life. Since then our school has supported the children´s home in Freidorf near Temeswar. Currently three nuns provide shelter, food and comfort for 12 children. These children are either orphans or were abandoned by their parents. They are between 11 and 20 years old, highly traumatized and more than grateful to have found a place where they are treated lovingly after a long time of hardship.

The nuns care for the children, who feel safe and secure in their house and get all the necessary medical treatment. All children attend school or get a professional training enabling them to have a chance to form their further lives on their own and find a respected place in society.

The photos of the children and their home are on exhibition at school, so all our students can see for themselves how much can be done with even a little donation: During the last years the roof was redone, mould was fought, and the sanitary facilities were improved. Now, that the building has been renovated, an extension was begun in 2011 and finished in the summer of 2012.
The young people, who up to then had to sleep in three- and four-bed rooms, are thus given a chance for a bit more privacy – which is so important for adolescents in particular.

If you are interested in new photos from Romania just drop in at Heidelberg College. Mrs Didicher-Bischof and Mr Bischof visit Freidorf regularly and make sure that all donations get to the right place without any loss and are only used for the children´s welfare.

Every year before Christmas the school organizes big fundraising events, e.g. the younger students sing Christmas songs on the Main Street in Heidelberg and collect donations. For this purpose Heidelberg College founded a charity Kinder helfen Kindern e.V. (Children help Children) on October, 24th, 2007. Donation receipts can now be handed in to (and will be accepted by) your tax office.

If you, too, want to help these orphans in Romania, you are very welcome to do so. Each contribution is a great support to them.

Our donation account is the following:

Kinder helfen Kindern e.V. 
Kontonummer: 24923606 
BLZ: 67291700
IBAN: DE 10 6729 1700 0024 9236 06
Volksbank Neckartal

Thank you all for your donations, the children will be more than grateful to you – that´s for sure!

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